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Property for cash buyers only: What does this mean?

November 9, 2021

The most common reason that sellers list property for cash buyers only is because lenders may be unlikely or unwilling to lend money against the property. This means that potential buyers who would need a mortgage would be unable to get funds for the property.

There can be a number of reasons for this – some of these may be because the property is uninhabitable and in need of expensive modernising or is structurally unsound. Other than a property’s physical condition, the property may be held on a short lease, or have some other covenant or legal restriction.

There are other reasons why property for cash buyers only are advertised – a fast property sale!

Sellers who want to avoid the dragged-out mortgage process and exchange and complete quickly may also opt for house cash buyers only. This avoids the potential of a buyer’s mortgage being rejected and having to restart the whole sales and marketing of the property again.

A buyer may have secured a mortgage in principle but if a building survey throws up any red flags it may mean that the bank holds retention until the work is fixed or refuses to mortgage the property.

Reasons houses are listed for ‘Property for cash buyers only’

There are many reasons why a property may be listed as a property for cash buyers only. The reasons include things that could be wrong with the house, wrong with the area, legal issues or personal reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why someone may want to sell their property through a cash buyer only:

Structural problems

As mentioned earlier if the property has structural defects such as subsidence, bowed walls, severe roof damage it may not be possible for a buyer needing a mortgage to secure the property to buy it. Therefore the only way the property can be purchased is through a cash buyer, as a lender would not supply the mortgage for a property with structural problems.

Damage to property

It could be that the property is in a state of disrepair as it may have been damaged by fire or flooding or it has been left empty for such a long time. Therefore the only way the property can be purchased is through a cash buyer, as a lender would not supply the mortgage for a buyer if there was severe damage to the property.

structural issues to home

Japanese Knotweed

This fast-spreading bamboo-like plant, known as Japanese Knotweed, can grow to over 2 metres and spread quickly through solid ground and damage the foundations of properties. Mortgage companies rarely want to agree to mortgage a property that has an issue with Japanese Knotweed, as the removal process is extremely difficult.

Damp in the property

Rising damp can be an expensive and difficult problem to resolve - and again lenders are not likely to lend money to buyers if a property has this problem. This means purchasing the house for cash is the only option for the property seller.

A large amount of work required

If the scope of work required for a property is likely to be very expensive, selling to house cash buyers only may be a better financial option for the property seller.

Age of house

If the property is very old and has been abandoned, a cash house buyer is likely to be a better option. This is because it’s possible a large amount of money must be spent in order to repair the property, and it will be more financially viable to sell to a house buyer.

Type of build

If a property has been built from unconventional materials, then a mortgage company may refuse a buyer a mortgage. Therefore, this would leave the seller with no choice but to sell the property to a cash buyer only for the property.


If a property is located in an undesirable or potentially hazardous area, it will be hard for buyers to secure a mortgage. These may include areas at risk of flooding, landslide, be historic landfill sites, or previously used industrial sites where toxic waste was disposed of.

door home location

Short leases

Less than 80 years on a leasehold property makes it have to sell to buyers who require a mortgage. This means the only option is selling to a cash house buyer.


If a property is split into commercial and residential a cash house buyer may be a more suitable option.

Other legal issues

These may come up after the searches have come back from the solicitor or may be known at the time of selling. They include planning/building control limitations, restrictive covenants and negative easements.

Rented property owned as a buy-to-let

If a rented property is owned by a landlord and used as a buy-to-let the mortgage applications can take longer than usual, meaning it may be worth the landlord selling through a cash buyer for a quicker sale.

Owners have fallen out

If the owners of the property have fallen out, for example, they could be getting a divorce, they may need to sell the house to a cash buyer to speed up the sale of the house.

divorce house sale

Sellers house to be repossessed 

If the seller’s house is due to be repossessed, a cash house buyer can proceed a lot quicker than a mortgaged buyer.


Sometimes the only way to buy a property via an auction is with cash due to the state of some of the properties.

house auction

Sellers relocation

Sellers may need house cash buyers only as they are looking to relocate or moving for another reason where time is not on their side. Therefore selling to a cash buyer is a better way of getting finance fast.

What is a Cash House Buyer?

Estate agent property details will sometimes list the property for sale to cash buyers only.

This is to stop potential buyers that need a mortgage from viewing the property, as allowing these people to view the property can be misleading when a cash sale is what the seller is looking for.

Lenders, banks, mortgage companies and brokers all want to minimize their risk when lending money – therefore any potential problems with a property that might raise a red flag are likely to send the range of lenders running!

Advantages of selling your property to a cash house buyer

Selling your house to cash buyers only will mean avoiding potential pitfalls like property chains.

A cash house buyer is not waiting on a property to be sold in order to proceed with buying your house.

To find out more about cash buyers why not get in touch with Halo House Buyers today for a no-obligation cash offer on your property.

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