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The 9 Types of Houses in the UK

November 9, 2021

Throughout the United Kingdom, there are many different types of residential homes available to purchase. If you’re not involved in the property industry, it can be difficult to know the difference between each type of house. 

That’s why Halo House Buyers have created this guide to the various types of homes in the UK. We will look at the pros and cons of buying each of these property types, leaving the decision up to you of which type of home you’d like to live in.


A house is best described as a self-contained building with its own front entrance and a garden at the back of the dwelling and sometimes one at the front. The different types of homes in the UK can have a number of different rooms, including bedrooms, a living room, kitchen & dining room.

1. Detached House

A stand-alone house with no other building attached to it is known as a detached house. They tend to be the most expensive form of a house to buy, as they offer more privacy, have large gardens and land around them, and are popular with large families.

detached house

2. Semi-Detached House

This type of UK home share one wall with another property. Similar to a detached house they offer a good deal of privacy and land and often offer the potential to extend. Semi-detached houses are usually cheaper than detached properties, due to a little less privacy. However, this depends on the size, land and condition of the house.

3. Terraced House

A terraced house is the most common and most popular property type in the UK. 

They are attached by a single wall on either side of the property, which means noise can be a problem if music is playing too loud! They offer a cheaper alternative to their dearer detached and semi-detached cousins, however, the terraced houses can be deceptively large and go back a long way.

4. End of Terrace House

Although very similar to a terraced house, an end of terrace house is as it sounds – a house that sits at the end of a row of terraced houses.  

This type of house generally demands a higher sale price as they may offer the potential to extend sideways, are slightly wider than the other homes on the row, have more light from windows as it sits on the end and less noise from neighbours as only have one neighbour.

5. Cottages 

Cottages are generally located in rural or semi-rural areas.  They can be one or two storeys high and are either detached or terraced. They tend to be very old, sometimes hundreds of years old.  They typically are built with thick walls with small windows to help withstand the harsh weather. Often used as holiday homes and rented out on a seasonal basis. 

6. Bungalows

Bungalows are single-storey buildings are generally detached. They tend to sit on the same square foot area as a house with two floors. Because of this, there are fewer bungalows available as they offer property developers the potential to demolish and build taller buildings.

It is good to understand the property types available in the UK so when you come to buy or sell your home you understand how these different types of houses in the UK are viewed by estate agents.  If you are looking to sell your home why not give Halo House Buyers a call today for a free, no-obligation cash offer.


Technically not a house, but a flat is often the most popular and common living type of home in the UK. Residences typically occupy a single storey within a larger building. A flat generally takes up part, or all, of a floor. A flat usually has shared communal parts for access, such as communal gardens.

The size and area usually determine the cost of the flat. The cost of buying a flat often works out cheaper than buying a house. However, you must bear in mind associated costs such as ground rent and maintenance fees for living in a flat. As a leaseholder, you will be subject to the freeholder’s rules around these costs, as they are in effect on the ground the flat sits on.

There are a number of different flats available to purchase in the UK, including:

7. Maisonette

Unlike most types of flats, maisonettes have their own private entrance, whereas flats tend to share the same entrance.  They are often split over two storeys, offering an upstairs and downstairs. They are very popular as they tend to feel more like a house than a flat.

8. Studio 

A studio apartment is a small but perfectly formed home! Due to the limited amount of space available they are generally lived in by individuals or couples. They consist of a kitchen, living room and bedroom in one open space, with a separate bathroom.

uk flats

9. Converted Flats

Converted flats are usually a house that has been converted into flats. The number and size of the flats depend on the size of ing on the size of the house, but there are usually anything from 2 flats upwards.

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