Home Repossession Process

If your mortgage is in arrears and you are faced with your house being repossessed there are things you should know and things that you can do to potentially stop repossession.  It is a costly and lengthy process for a mortgage lender so it is in their interests as well as yours to resolve the […]

Quick Sale Property Buyers UK

There has been a rise in quick sale property buyers UK over the last 5 to 10 years which on one hand gives homeowners plenty of choice on options to sell your property fast UK but in an unregulated industry it can leave homeowners vulnerable to unscrupulous businesses. Following are some points to consider when […]

What to expect from selling your house to a Property Cash Buyer

Over the recent years there has been huge growth in property cash buyers.  Homeowners who particularly want to sell your property quickly in the UK are becoming more and more aware of the alternative route to selling their home, other than through a traditional high street or online estate agent. So how do cash buyers […]

Guide to selling your house fast

You have made the decision to sell your house and you may think that there is only one route to getting your property to market – via a traditional estate agent.  However, there are more options open to selling your house, particularly if you want to sell it fast.  Following we touch on estate agents, […]

Choosing a Cash House Buyer

Having made the decision to sell your house to a cash house buyer, house sellers are faced with a minefield of choice on which company to choose. Given that the industry remains relatively unregulated it can leave property sellers vulnerable to unscrupulous operators. With the recent increase and demand for cash house buying companies, the […]

What is a cash house buyer?

What is a cash house buyer? A company that is in a position to make an immediate cash offer on your property. More and more home owners are moving away from traditional estate agents as they become frustrated with the length of time it is taking to sell their house. If you need to sell […]